I wanted to thank you for your product. My car a Mazda 3 was broken into on July 4 2012. A spare key to my 2004 Nissan Frontier was stolen. I could not afford to change all the locks, because that would of cost my around $600. So I had the ignition switch reprogramed and bought “The Club“. Well low and behold the thief came back to my house 6 months later attempting to steal my Nissan Frontier. He tried and tried to pry your wheel lock off. And thankfully was unsuccessful!!!!!Unfortunately he bent my steering column and broke my wheel lock. But at least he did not steal my truck. So Thank you very much! You’ve made a believer out of me.
Dora, Houston TX—3-7-2013

This past weekend someone tried to hotwire and steal my car. They couldn’t because of The Club. They destroyed my dashboard and The Club (the ignition to The Club is gone) but they couldn’t get it off. While the car is most likely totaled (it was an older car) it is gratifying they couldn’t get it.

Howard, San Francisco CA—3-12-2012

Aloha from Maui, My vehicle, a 2004 Toyota Tundra, was vandalized last night. Nothing was taken from the vehicle. The Club was in place and the keyhole of the club was vandalized. Therefore, the key will no longer release The Club. I’m grateful that my vehicle is still on the property and I’m sure it’s solely because of The Club. I thought you would like to know.

G.G.M Maui, Hawaii—11-10-2011

I’ve been meaning to write you to tell this story for the longest. I am from southeast Louisiana (St. Bernard Parish). I bought the regular club for my 93 Nissan NX back in 2003. I would often use it on my mother’s car when I used her car as well.

Well, one weekend back in the summer of 2005, I used it but forgot it in her car. Well, Aug 27th, 2005, my mother evacuates due to Hurricane Katrina and had to leave her car (with my Club) behind. The car went under about 10 feet of water. When we got back to the car, there was my Club, a bit muddy and a bit rusty, but I pulled it apart, cleaned it very good with WD-40 in the lock and, I am still using it to this day! So, now you can say “The Club” can withstand a Hurricane and still work!

I am not sure if I ever registered it or anything but I might still even have the package. Feel free to contact me via email if you need any more info, but like I said, I thought you’d enjoy this story on your excellent product.

Take care and thanks again,
Ronnie N., Lake Charles and S. Bernard Parish, LA—03-11-2008

Last Saturday, someone tried to steal my Honda Civic. They punched out the ignition so they were ready to go, but they had to get through The Club on my steering wheel. No small feat!

They tried to lever The Club off the wheel, smashing in the bottom of the wheel but not breaking it. They dented The Club, but didn’t even come close to getting it off. At that point it looks like they gave up.

I must say that I had mixed feelings when I discovered it. I was angry that they had damaged my car, but elated that they failed to steal it.

As my wife said, “Well, that Club really did its job“. Best $40 investment I’ve made. My wife got another one yesterday, so we can put it back on the Civic when we get it back from the shop next week.

Thank you for making a great product.

Yours truly,
Dan T, Seattle, WA—02-24-2007

I have owned a Club for about 14 years now. This morning, I was informed by the Portland Ploice Department that someone saw a man get into my car and a witness called them. The police apprehended the man in my car. It would have been gone except that “The Clubprevented the attempt. Thank goodness for my Club!!!

Thank you,
Tom G., Portland OR—04-12-2007

P.S. There’s no way of knowing how many other times my car was bypassed because my Club was on the steering wheel.

Last year my car was broken into and they attempted to steal it causing lots of damage. This past weekend they tried again but I had The Club on which they tried to break but couldn’t so they left my ignition alone and left my car and went to one that didn’t have The Club and caused a lot of damage. You have a very good product and it is on both of my cars and always will be.

Gary S., Edmonton AB—03-07-2006

Another satisfied customer! I’ve faithfully used my Club LX for several years on my 1991 honda Accord. Today, I discovered that my car had been stolen. However, it was found across the street in a neighbor’s yard, where the thieves had abandoned it when they were unable to remove The Club – despite their attempts to bend the steering wheel enough to get it off. That was the only damage to the car. Thank you!!

Thank you,
VW, Seattle, WA—03-28-2005

I wanted to share with you how The Club protected me yesterday. My car was broken into and the thief attempted to drive the car away, but only succeeded in pulling forward a few feet because The Club stopped him. The thief actually tried to drill through The Club and did not succeed in removing it from my steering wheel. He broke two drill bits trying during this attempt.

AAA sent a locksmith out to try to get The Club off the wheel and the locksmith worked on it for 45 minutes to no avail. He also broke two drill bits trying to remove The Club.

Finally, my husband had to take a very large hammer to the handle of The Club and after about 15 minutes of pounding away, was finally able to free it from the steering wheel.

Just wanted to thank you for this superior product. You saved my car!

PCP, Manhattan Beach, CA—05-31-2005


August 24, 2015

Southfield, MI

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating such a great, quality product. I have used The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock on my past 2 vehicles. On Sunday, August 23, 2015, someone attempted to steal my black 2005 Dodge Stratus from my residence. The would-be thieves used some type of sharp cutting device to damage the lock on my car door and gain entrance to my vehicle. It was obvious from the cuts on my steering wheel as well as the yellow vinyl coated areas of The Club that they tried to pry off “The Club”. However, The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock did its job…and did it very well.

Although my glove compartment was open and the contents of my inner consoles and side pockets were strewn all over the place, they were unable to find my tire lock or key to “The Club” (which I do not keep in my vehicle). Since I do not keep any valuables in my car, nothing was stolen (except possibly a quarter).

I reported this incident to the police and decided to purchase a brand new steering wheel lock immediately afterwards “just in case”. I told the cashier at Auto Zone what happened & how good “The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock was so that the cashier could recommend it to other customers. I would never consider purchasing another brand of steering wheel lock. Once again, thank you for creating such a great, quality product.